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adult share cuckold videos  what is cuckolding?

Well now this word is reserved for a certain set of people on the basis of their behavioral traits. Surprised! Do you want to know more about the term, cuckold?

Technically, a man who has an adulterous wife with his consent, is known as a cuckold. Other interpretations to this word include cuckqueens (A woman with an adulterous husband) and wittols (A husband who consents to his wife’s extra-marital affair). There are many reasons for men to be cuckolds, which also included the ALL TOO POPULAR, infidelity.

The social notion of “cuckold”

Setting aside what a man thinks of being called as a cuckold! It is important for you to know what the society interprets a cuck as. Obviously, the society would correlate to the wife cheating on the husband behind his back to certain reasons. The reasons are mentioned as below

1.Possibly, the woman (In this case, the wife), likes to flirt around and have affairs with a lot of men at the same time. For such women, marriage is not an institution, and while husbands believe they have got doting wives, the reality though is far from that.

2.Possibly, the man (In this case, the husband), just has not done enough to spend time with his wife. All women like to be showed love, care and affection, but when they don’t get that from their husbands, they start searching for it from other men.

3.Missing masculinity – At times, the husband may not have done enough to sexually please his wife in the bed, which could result in him being cuckolded.

In all the three reasons above, you could feel that being a cuck is entirely something forced on the man or the husband. But, this is not the case – In some cases, the man enjoys being subject to watch his wife being  with another guy, right in front of him. Such men are the classic cockolds  

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